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“I’d been looking for a decent acupuncturist since moving to Boston 9 (!!!!) years ago. It took almost a decade, but I finally found one…” – Yelp Reviewer

“I had a year long pain in my left shoulder that was difficult to diagnose by my orthopedic doctor. I play soccer so the pain increases and is almost unbearable after a game. I had to quit playing soccer and stop going to the gym because I could not handle the pain. Sleep was hard to come by also. But, after a couple of acupuncture treatments from Stephanie, I noticed the pain had vanished. It was like magic. First I thought, it was a fluke so I went and played soccer and visited the gym a couple times, but there was no pain. I could not feel a thing. It has been almost a year now from the treatment and I am still pain free. My doctor and myself are believers now — in the healing capabilities of Acupuncture!!” – Matey O., 33 year old male, Brighton MA

“…after only two visits I am actually starting to feel some real relief! (And mind you, I’ve seen a Physical Therapist and have been getting weekly massages for about six months.) I truly cannot say enough good things about Stephanie, she’s attentive, friendly, and you can absolutely tell she loves what she does!” – Yelp Reviewer

“Stephanie Smith at Chi Harmony is an amazing acupuncturist. Every session with her is unique and personalized. She always seems to have something to pull out if her sleeve. Excellent experience each time I go. I tried her initially because of a groupon but have returned dozens of times. Best in the area!” – Living Social Reviewer

“Trigger finger, back, arms, shoulders pain, you should come to visit Acupuncturist Stephanie Smith -that I did last Fall and I am thanks you so much for Ms. Smith kindly good take of care, treatment and her acupuncture skills, Ms. Smith is warm, wonderful human being, I do hope you will enjoying her treatment as I did. Trigger finger and back pain do not bother me anymore.– Lam, 59 year old male, Wellesley MA

“I had try so many Acupuncture befor. This is the best I ever had” – Living Social Reviewer

“Stephanie is so nice and sweet, she effortlessly sells herself just by being attentive and calm and telling you all about what she’s doing and why it will help you, etc. Quiet, serene atmosphere. I’ll definitely be going back for more, again and again.” – Living Social Reviewer

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“I have suffered with terrible headaches for many years, migraines and sinus headaches that last for days and make me feel like a totally different person. I have no energy, can’t get a good nights rest, and can’t enjoy myself because of the persistant ache. After explaining this to Stephanie she told me to call her the next time I had a headache. She would give me a long distance chi gong treatment. When I called I had a severe headache. She asked me a few simple questions and then told me to try and relax, continue on with what I was doing, but try to relax. Within a few hours my headache was gone, my energy was back, and I was able to complete my work that had seemed like such a huge burden, in a very short time. This has happened several times – I no longer have headaches that last for days, I sleep well at night, and I can lead a normal life!– Marion S., 65 year old female, Alexandria NH

“Our cat Bonji was hit by a car and ended up with a bruised lung, 2 broken teeth, a laceration 1/2 way across his tongue, the front of his jaw was possibly broken, his left back leg (femur) was broken, and he was in extreme shock. After the remote healing yesterday, he made it through the night and is now much improved! He has been out of the pet carrier walking around on 3 legs a little, and has been eating and drinking a lot. We can tell that he is in a lot less pain. Thank you so much for your help, and for speeding up his recovery so much!” – SFS

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“Since Stephanie taught me the Tai Qi Dao Yin Qigong form, when I feel a headache beginning I practice the simple movements and it releases the tension in my body so the headache goes away. No more suffering for extended periods of time!” -M.S.

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