COVID-19 Updates

When will I re-open? 

In accordance with the MA Reopening Plan and the City of Boston and Department of Health and Human Services recommendations, I will be reopening in Step 2 of Phase 2 (no date yet). I will not be taking appointments until I have an exact date set.  

I will not be accepting new patients until further notice (July 15 at the earliest), to ensure that my existing patients can get the care they need with the new scheduling restrictions.

New Safety Standards and Policies:

I am not sure how long this initial phase will last, but here are the rules I will be following to maintain social distancing as much as possible (according to OSHA, HHS, CDC, and City of Boston Re-opening Advisory Committee Recommendations) until further notice.  These are subject to change as recommendations are updated.

1). Stay home and do not come in for an appointment if:

  • You have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 in the past 14 days (sore throat, cough, fever, breathing issues, sudden loss of smell/taste)
  • You have been exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 30 days
  • You don’t feel comfortable leaving your residence for reasons other than obtaining necessary food and other supplies for your household

High-Risk Groups: For those who are in, or those who care for or live with someone who is in, a high-risk group (over 65 years old, heart disease, compromised immune system, type 2 diabetes, COPD): I strongly recommend that you stay home as much as possible and only request an appointment if absolutely necessary, if you are dealing with something that needs immediate attention and cannot wait.

2). All patients must wear a mask, handkerchief, scarf or face covering except when laying face down on the treatment table. Anyone who refuses to wear a face covering otherwise will not be able to receive treatment.

3). Upon arriving, please wash your hands before entering treatment rooms (I will try to keep bathrooms and waiting area doors propped open to minimize surface touching); Hand sanitizer (<60% alcohol) will also be available in the waiting area for anyone who wishes to use it.

4). I will take your temperature with a non-touch forehead thermometer to ensure you don’t have a fever – anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be promptly sent home.

5). Treatment bookings will be spaced at least 15 minutes apart to adhere to social distancing:

  • Please do not arrive to your appointment more than 5 minutes early, so you don’t come into contact with other patients. If you want, you can text me when you arrive outside and I’ll text you back to let you know once the treatment room is ready for you.
  • Please leave promptly when your appointment time is up, to avoid running into others on your way out and to give me proper time to sanitize. Do not stop or linger in the waiting area or hallway.
  • I will wipe down all surfaces in-between each patient. (I always change linens and wipe down surfaces in the treatment rooms between patients anyway, but will now include more thorough cleaning of additional surfaces including doorknobs, coat hooks, and counters etc. as well).

6). Advanced medical-grade HEPA air filtration units will be running in each treatment room, which clean the air in the whole room every 15 minutes. This will prevent aerosol and droplet buildup.

7.) UVC-lights will run twice per day in each room, in-between patient appointments, to sterilize all surfaces. These are typically used in hospitals for disinfection and will further sterilize all surfaces.

8). I will not be using sheets, face cradle covers or table warmers (as even just being in the room, they could get particles of virus on them), instead I will use disposable pillow cases and will sanitize the treatment tables, face cradle covers and arm shelves thoroughly after each patient. We can use space heaters and heat lamps instead of the table warmers if you need additional heat.

9). Please wear shorts to your appointment (under your pants, skirts or dresses that you can take off once inside the treatment room) if you are not comfortable laying on the table in your underwear, as I will not have a sheet to cover you.

10). Payments: Cash and check are still preferred; please try to bring exact change if you can, and try to fill out checks ahead of time. If you need to use a pen I will sanitize it afterwards. Credit cards will of course still be accepted but you will hold the card up for me or read it to me, or prepay via PayPal, and I will not be requiring a signature.

11). The cloth chairs have been covered and will not be used, as they can not be sanitized. I will have sanitizable folding chairs for you to use, or you can sit on the treatment table. You will be asked to put all of your bags, clothing, and other belongings on a sanitizable surface as well.

12). Do not bring anyone else to your appointment with you, unless medically necessary. And if medically necessary, please let me know that someone else will be coming with you ahead of time.

13). No walk-ins allowed (walk-ins are not typical for me anyway).

14). Please text or email with any questions/concerns. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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