Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal prescriptions are tailored to meet each individuals’ specific needs. They come in several forms, including ready-made pills and powdered extracts. Formulas consist of all natural ingredients that come from reputable dealers of Chinese Herbal Medicine, who adhere to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Chinese herbs are especially effective for menstrual irregularities, infertility, skin conditions, and acute illness such as colds and flu. Herbal medicine can be used separately but is often combined with acupuncture.

How are Chinese Herbs taken?
Powder formulas are dissolved in luke warm water and taken as a tea, usually two times per day. Generally they should be taken at least ½ hour before or after eating so they can be better absorbed. Some herbs may be hard to digest, especially if combined with cold, greasy, or raw foods. Continue to take your herbs until they are gone, even if your symptoms have subsided.

What if I have side effects or feel sick?
Stop taking the prescription and contact your practitioner.

What if I can’t stand the taste?
Many Chinese herbal prescriptions are bitter and the taste is not always pleasant. Often patients get used to the taste, but it usually helps to mix the herbs with apple juice (don’t use citrus juices), or add honey into the tea (try it first before you sweeten it, as honey may change the flavor).

How much do they cost?
The cost of your prescription will depend on the cost of the ingredients – the price will increase with large prescriptions or those with expensive herbs. The average weekly price for powder formulas is $15-25; pills: $10-15.

Will I be able to get my herbs right away?
At this time, we do not stock Chinese herbs in our office. You can either pick them up during your next visit, or you can choose to have them mailed to you via UPS (which will generally add an additional $8-10 shipping fee onto the cost of your prescription).

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the herbs?
Because prescriptions are custom made for each patient, there are no refunds, credits or returns for powders or patent medicines.

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